10 Call To Action Examples That Will Have Your Customers Wanting More!

Do you desire a lot more leads, customers, and conversions? Well, you won’t obtain them without the right call to action.

Also considering that you want every one of your customers and also visitors to optimize those conversions — getting both even more sales and a better ROI (return on investment).

In this post, you’re going to see 10 Call-To-Action examples that you can swipe and deploy today that will guarantee an improvement in conversions for your business.

I’ll also reveal to you how to use them and offer some innovative copywriting tips to aid you to craft the best CTA.

No matter what you wish to accomplish with your marketing message, you won’t do it without an intriguing CTA.

Mostly all of your marketing efforts need to have a well-crafted call to action that’s designed to persuade your potential customer to take action without pause.

The calls to action that you use in your marketing efforts when done correctly provide you with crucial information like if people are clicking on your offer but also how many of them did.

Before I show you some call to action examples, let’s take a more detailed look into the basics of a good call to action

A “call to action,” likewise known as a CTA, is a term that you will see being utilized every day in the advertising and marketing world. After reading this post, I’m sure you will notice them even more.

So let’s take a deeper dive into what a call to action really is. It’s a short (or sometimes long) phrase that’s used to give your customer and very specific instruction which creates an immediate reaction. One very simple and common call to action example is, “Click Here Now” or “Buy Now”.

Does the above call to action example leave any question in your mind about what I am asking the customer to do? No, of course not. This is its sole purpose… do this now.

You’ve presented your offer, products, or services with some awesome advertisement as well as a wonderful image or video I’m sure but you need to make a sale or persuade your viewers to jump into the next step.

So just how do you produce an efficient and also convincing call to action?

We’ll delve into that topic in a minute. First, let’s dig into the reason why a CTA is so important and why you must have an amazing call to action.

A lot of companies just use an overly simple “subscribe” CTA in a marketing campaign and hope that it’s enough to convince someone to click on their link.

They invest a ton of time, energy, and money into the creation of all their marketing campaigns, including social media and email follow-ups and then create a rather underwhelming call to action. Then they wonder why it failed!

The purpose is to create a CTA that makes your potential customers fall into a massive case of FOMO (fear of missing out). It’s that simple.

When creating a call to action, you’re faced with two main objectives. One, you’re simply telling them what you want them to do next, and second, you want to motivate them to do so.

Many people who create a call to action focus on telling people what to do but leave out the why part of this very important part of your marketing. This is why so many marketing campaigns fall flat.

Sometimes the content you create will answer this question but sometimes it does not. This is why a short recap can help the call to action be more effective.

At this point, you might be asking how long a call to action should be. Sometimes a call to action is very short and other times it can be more like a sentence, and that’s just fine.

The one thing you should always consider is, what best suits the purpose of your marketing message. At times, yes, a short and simple CTA on a linked button is good enough and other times, you would benefit from creating a long one that would be a better fit for that specific promotion.

The call to action you create must be to the point but don’t take that as meaning very short, it has to be clear and concise without leaving any questions in your potential customer’s mind.

The importance of a well-crafted call to action is to ensure your customer is focused on what you want them to be focused on and remove any and all distractions.

Now that you have a better idea of what a call to action is and how to create and use them, let’s look at some call to action examples.

All you have to do with these call to action examples is to literally replace the area in brackets with your product/service/offer and you’re on the way to creating a massive does of FOMO with your prospects.

Before you look at the examples, go over the variables below:

What’s the Name / Title of whatever you’re selling?: (Product Name)

How much does what you’re selling cost?: (How Much)

What is what you’re selling?: (What Are You Selling)

What is the big payoff of what you’re selling?: (The Big Payoff)

What is the number one benefit customers want from what you sell?: (Number 1 Benefit)

How fast does your product/service get results?: (How Fast For Results)

For example: “Click here to lose 10lbs in 30 days”

I also added the “Negative” option which can be added below a button as an option to leave however really reinforcing the benefit and convincing them to actually click on the link and take your offer.

Here we go…

1/ Click Here To (Number 1 Benefit)

(Negative Option) No Thanks! I Don’t Want To (Number 1 Benefit)!

2/ Click Here To (Number 1 Benefit) in (How Fast For Results)

(Negative Option) No Thanks! I’m Not Committed To (Number 1 Benefit)… Even in (How Fast For Results)!

3/ YES! I’m Ready To (Number 1 Benefit)

(Negative Option) No Thanks! I Don’t Want To (Number 1 Benefit)!

4/ YES! I’m Ready To (Number 1 Benefit) in (How Fast For Results)

(Negative Option) No Thanks! I Don’t Want To (Number 1 Benefit)… Even in (How Fast For Results)!

5/ YES! I’m Ready To (The Big Payoff)

(Negative Option) No Thanks! I’m NOT Ready To (The Big Payoff)!

6/ I’m Ready To (Number 1 Benefit) With “(Product Name)” Today

(Negative Option) No Thanks! I’m NOT Ready to (Number 1 Benefit) With “(Product Name)” Or Anything Else!

7/ I’m Ready To (The Big Payoff) With “(Product Name)” Today

(Negative Option) No Thanks! I Don’t Want To (The Big Payoff) With “(Product Name)” Or Anything Else!

8/ Send Me “(Product Name)” Today For (How Much)

(Negative Option) No Thanks! I Don’t Want To (The Big Payoff) or (Number 1 Benefit)!

9/ Send My (What Are You Selling) Immediately

(Negative Option) No Thanks! I Don’t Want ANY (What Are You Selling) To Help Me (The Big Payoff) or (Number 1 Benefit)!

10/ I’m In! Send My (What Are You Selling) Today For (How Much)

(Negative Option) No Thanks! I Don’t Believe I Can (The Big Payoff) or (Number 1 Benefit) With “(Product Name)”… or Anything Else!

Pretty cool, right!?

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