Powerful Instagram DM Marketing Strategies

When you think of social messaging marketing, you might instantly assume the conversation is about WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, or Text Messaging.

But in fact pretty much every social network out there also has a messaging app built-in. That means that anywhere that you currently have a following and anywhere you are currently putting out content can also become a place where you speak with your clients and leads directly in order to start strengthening relationships and driving sales.

Instagram is one such option, so here are a few things you can do to start using Instagram DM for marketing.


The first tip is a quick one: did you know that you could integrate your Facebook Messenger with Instagram? The two platforms are both owned by Facebook these days, so it makes sense. That means you can answer all your messages in just one place.

“DM Me For More”

Instagram is a very popular platform for marketers for its visual nature and how trendy it is. You can tell a thousand words with a single image and use this to demonstrate just why your products or services are what the person searching really needs in their life.

The only drawback as far as many people are concerned is that Instagram doesn’t let you include a link in your description. This, in turn, means it can be hard to directly convert a view on a post into a paying customer.

But the answer couldn’t be simpler: you simply write in your description “DM me for more info.” This way, you’ll have a whole host of qualified leads pouring into your inbox that you can then convert directly into sales.

This works REALLY well for big-ticket items, and especially if you have a personal brand. For instance, this is an ideal way to sell coaching, personal training, or even a service-based business like decks.


Another great option is to use polls. When you create an Instagram Story, you will have the option to run a poll that lets people vote on a topic. You can then see the answers and who voted for what — which is where things get important.

This way, you can ask a question like: “who would be interested in a new ebook on…?” and then see who votes yes. You can then DM those people, knowing that they are engaged with your brand AND that they are interested in buying the thing you’re about to offer!

Ask Me Anything

A similarly powerful option is to use a Story with the questions sticker. This then lets people fill out a question box to ask you questions and you can again use those contacts as the basis for an Instagram DM.

Start-Up Conversations

If someone comments on your post, comment back. Use questions and try to keep the conversation flowing (you can also do this by commenting on someone else’s image). Once that has happened, message them privately and say something along the lines of “I thought it would be easier to continue our discussion here.”

There you have it, using some or all of these examples will help you build your business using Instagram DM.

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